Dog Daycare Portslade

Dog Daycare in Portslade

ROODDOG offers a Dog Daycare service in Portslade, near Brighton. Our doggy daycare service is perfect for adventurous, high-energy dogs who love to romp outside with pals. Suitable for all breeds and sizes, your dog will love all the fuss, cuddles and special attention they get all day.  We will pick them up and drop them off with one of our wonderful dog walkers. ROODDOG will walk no more than 6 dogs at any one time and each dog is fitted with GPS for safety. Group dog walking is a fantastic way to socialise your dog and build their confidence, and they gain significantly from this social aspect of their walks.

All our walks are carried out in parks and green open spaces where it is safe, secure and exciting for your dog. We vary the locations daily to provide variety for your dog.

Another one of our Dogs loving their Doggy Daycare Portslade

Doggy Daycare for the adventure-loving dog!

Your dog will have the best day of their lives with ROODDOG, experiencing the great outdoors! GPS monitored to ensure their safety. They will absolutely love exploring the destinations that we will take them to! All our walks are carried out in parks and green open spaces where it is safe, secure and interesting for your dog. We vary the locations daily in order to provide variety for your dog. Each of our dog walkers has their own favourite places which they would be happy to discuss with you at your introductory meeting.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements or fill in the daycare registration form lower on this page!

Dogg -Daycare Portslade

Dog Day Care Prices

Ad hoc price is 3 x walks price of £45.75 inc vat

Discount for multiple regular sessions via Direct Debit.

Monthly direct debit packages are offered if you want to receive discounts and guarantee your days with us. We are always super flexible and can change your days if available.  10% discounts will be offered for multiple dog families.

1 x day a week £40 inc vat

2 x days a week £38 inc vat a day

Please call us to discuss or complete the registration form on Dog Day Care Page and we will call you back.

How our doggy day care service works


Our friendly uniformed walker will collect your dog in our air-conditioned, fully-ventilated van fitted with spacious and secure cages. The pick ups and drop-offs can be arranged around you and our working hours. 


Pick up will be from 7.30 to 8.30 and drop off 2.30 to 3.30.

The Walks

Your dog will enjoy 3 walks of up to 60 minutes with their new pals and friendly walker.

Visiting locations such as Devil’s Dyke, Southwick Hill and Lancing Hill, your dog will love their adventures! Fitted with a GPS tracker when off the lead to keep them safe.

Food & Treats

Your precious pooch will be given dog treats throughout the day according to your dietary guidelines and we can also give any regular lunchtime meals or snacks you may wish to provide.

Socialising and Love

Where possible we will use the same walker for your dog so they can build up a good loving bond. Their day will be full of adventure and fun enjoying the great outdoors with familiar friends!

winding down

After each of your dog’s walks, we will give them some time to unwind and relax and enjoy a nice bowl of refreshing water and some fussing. They will get plenty of affection and heaps of cuddles!

Home time

Your dog will be returned to your home after their enjoyable day with their friends. We have a paw wash in our van to wash muddy paws. They will be dreaming about their next day with ROODDOG!


Before booking for the first time, complete our online registration form.