Mored +First Steps All Breeds Chicken


MORE Adult Chicken takes pet nutrition seriously, selecting natural and digestible ingredients, no artificial preservatives, additives or added sugars

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MORE Dog +First Steps All Breeds is a wholesome and healthy recipe that is highly digestible and wonderfully tasty. The meal is complete and balanced, offering everything that your dog will need to ensure they grow strong.

This delicious dish does not contain any artificial additives, added sugars or preservatives, packed full of protein rich chicken. The addition of salmon ensures your pet will receive ample omega 3 fatty acids in their diet, which will help with brain and vision development, as well as offering glossy coat and healthy skin.

Protein-rich chicken
Highly digestible
Complete and balanced
Omega 3 fatty acids
No preservatives, additives or added sugars
Highly palatable
Vitamin E, C and rosemary extract
Added yucca

Not suitable for growing puppies under 20 weeks old.

Composition - Fresh Chicken (23%), Chicken Meal (23%), Rice, Whole Maize, Beet Pulp, Chicken Fat (6.4%), Brewers Yeast, Dried Egg, Chicken Digest (2%), Salmon Oil, Fish Meal, Minerals, Linseed, L-Carnitine (1200mg/kg), MOS (1000mg/kg), FOS (1000mg/kg), Rosemary Extract (150mg/kg), Yucca Extract (100mg/kg), Marigold Meal (50mg/kg), Citrus Extract (50mg/kg).

Feeding Guide
To be fed from weaning up to one year.
Split the quantity below between 3 or 4 equal meals for the first 6 months, then reduce to 2 meals a day.
Puppies under 3 months may prefer their More™ softened with a little warm water. Throw any uneaten wet food away after 2 hours.
If your puppy's expected adult weight will exceed 25kg, we recommend feeding More™ Puppy Large Breed.
The quantities shown should be used as a guideline only. Every dog's appetite is different depending upon size, age, condition and level of activity. Please adjust the amount given to keep your dog in a lean, active condition.
If feeding More™ for the first time, we suggest you introduce it gradually over 7 days.
As a treat, try popping More™ in the microwave for 10 seconds. This will release the natural oils and make it even more tasty.
Fresh drinking water should be provided at all times.
Please store in a cool dry place. Once opened, keep in an airtight container.

Expected Adule Weight (kg)
Daily feed (g)

Upto 4 Months
1-3kg = 20-75g
3-5kg = 75-110g
5-10kg = 185-235g
10-15kg = 235-290g
20-25kg = 290-340g
25-30kg = 340-400g

4 Months - Adult
1-3kg = 20-80g
3-5kg = 80-120g
5-10kg = 120-200g
10-15kg = 200-270g
15-20kg = 270-335g
20-25kg = 335-395g
25-30kg = 395-450g